Tiny Home Plans & Custom Designs

We offer custom design and tiny home plans as we understand one person’s dream Tiny Home is different from the next. We want to help you achieve these dreams.

There are many different ways you can customize your dream Tiny House. Here is a list for your reference:

  • Roof Type – Gable, Skillion or Barrel.
  • Exterior Finish – Wood, Metal, Fiber cement.
  • Window – Material (Metal frame or wooden frame, acrylic or glass), placement, size, style and color.
  • Door – Placement, size, style and color.
  • Power – On grid or Off Grid Power (Solar, mains or generator).
  • Water – Town or Tank.
  • Toilet – Flushing or Composting.
  • Stairs – Ladder, foldaway, concealed or custom staircase.
  • Floorplan layout.
  • Kitchen – Layout, finishing, clever storage and appliances.
  • Heating & Cooling – Air conditioning, ceiling fan and/or fireplace.


Construction a tiny home